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How to keep the relationship wonderful? -Speaking my parents on their 20-year wedding anniversary

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Former judo team meets the newbies in the discipline on its 40th anniversary

The former and the current team united

Yesterday there was a meeting between the former and the current judo team in Tervel, town in Bulgaria, after four decades had passed by.

’40 years judo school in Tervel’

The event was held in the town high school’s acting hall. Those members of the team who had passed away, were honoured with 1-minute silence.

What unites the two teams is their mutual trainer, Zheko Georgiev. He had laid the foundations of this sport in Tervel 40 years ago.

Zheko Georgiev

‘Not only was he our trainer, but he also was like a father to us’, says Doctor Stoychev, former Republican judo champion, now director of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Bulgaria.

‘One of Bati Zheko’s requirements to enter the judo hall was having excellent grades in school’, he adds.

After 40 years Zheko Georgiev (or Bati* Zheko, as people like to call him) decides to create a new judo team consisting of 10 children, who have been practising for a year .

Zheko Georgiev and his current team

They made a satisfying demonstration of their current knowledge.

And here is a list of the people from Judo Tervel Team with Republican achievements:

Kostadinka Nedeva – 4th place on Republican championship
Dobrinka Gantcheva- 3 times Bulgarian champion
Aneliya Kazakova – 3 times Bulgarian champion
Ivanka Georgieva – bronze medal on Republican championship
Valya Yakimova – 6th place on Republican championship
Darina Yakimova- 6th place on Republican championship
Valentina Valtcheva- 6th place on Republican championship

Dian Pentchev – silver and bronze medal on Republican championship
Mitko Kumanov- 4th place on Spartakiada and Army school champion.
Jordan Valtchev- 4th place on Republican championship
Plamen Gotchev- bronze medal on Republican championship
Petko Ivanov- Bulgarian champion, silver and bronze medal on Republican championship
Borislav Pentchev- 6th place on Republican championship
Mitko Kolev- 4th place on Republican championship

Zhivko Zhelyazkov- bronze medal on Republican championship
Darin Vasilev- bronze medal on Republican championship
Gospodin Kazakov- Bulgarian champion
Georgi Stoychev- Bulgarian champion
Nikolay Natchev- bronze medal on Republican championship
Peter Radev- bronze medal on Republican championship
Venelin Marinov- bronze medal on Republican championship
Nedko Velikov- bronze medal on Republican championship
Ruslan Gantchev- 4th place on Republican championship

Tervel may be small, but it has plenty of talents!

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Practising judo is vital not only for the body, but also for the spirit. Judo gives you life lessons, such as to respect your opponent, to not give up, to use your and your opponent’s energy properly and to be disciplined. – D-r Stoychev

*bati- a word used in spoken Bulgarian, which means ‘bigger brother’


World’s Oldest Man Turns 112 With the Help of Cake and Sumo Wrestling

masazo nonaka

A Japanese man has just been verified as the oldest male in the entire world at the age of 112 years and 259 days old – and he credits his happy longevity to his sweet tooth and sumo wrestling television programs.

After extensive research into his origins and proof of age, Masazo Nonaka of Hokkaido, Japan was presented with his record-breaking certificate by Guinness World Records earlier this week.

Nonaka, who has outlived his wife and siblings, now enjoys his retirement with his family and their two cats. The senior’s favorite past times include eating cake, soaking in hot springs, and watching samurai dramas and sumo wrestling on TV.

masazo nonaka1

Nonaka has such an affinity for sweets, he will often try and feed his dinner to the cats without the rest of his family noticing, according to Guinness

His family believes that the reason for his longevity is mostly because he chooses to live a life that is free of stress – even if it means consuming large amounts of sugar.

“We are very pleased to announce that we have a new record holder for the oldest living man,” said Craig Glenday, Guinness World Records’ Editor-in-Chief. “Mr Nonaka’s achievement is remarkable – he can teach us all an important lesson about the value of life and how to stretch the limits of human longevity.”

masazo nonaka2

Nonaka takes the title for the oldest man after the previous placeholder, a Japanese man who lived to be 116, died in 2013. The oldest person to ever live is recorded to be a 122-year-old French woman who passed away in 1997. The current titleholder for the oldest female is currently being investigated.

Source: Good News Network


An inspirational story about a man from Kitabi, who saves both the environment and the children’s education at the same time

While I am waiting for tomorrow in order to collect some information and create my own piece of material, I will share some news from  The Good News Network :

Born and raised in Kitabi, a poor village in the south of Rwanda, Jean Bosco Nzeyimana grew up in a home without electricity and running water.

Jean Bosco Nzeyimana

The overwhelming majority of his fellow villagers relied on wood charcoal as their main source of fuel. Because of this, he was instilled with a passion to change the status quo, by providing more ecological and affordable biofuels.

Over 80% of the people in Rwanda are still forced to use wood as a means to live, which means more than 3 million trees will be cut down to satisfy this energy need alone.

Children are dropping out of school because they are working to help their parents collect firewood for cooking, creating another problem for the country’s future.

As the only person from his village to graduate high school, Jean Bosco’s most pressing issue became figuring out a way to quell the fuel needs that had been robbing so many of his peers of their rights to a proper education.


“I’m trying to create a world that is environmentally stable, not by trying to find fancy, expensive, solutions. I think we’ve had the solutions for many years, we just needed a business model we could apply”, Nzeyimana explained.

Jean Bosco’s solution: Habona, Ltd. He created a company that produces affordable and environmentally friendly services and fuels in the form of biomass briquettes and pellets from waste. This serves as a sustainable alternative to wood charcoal, while also improving sanitation in homes.

Jean Bosco oversees the company’s management, fundraising and public relations. He’s raised startup capital for Habona, and has provided more than 25 permanent jobs to the people of Rwanda.


Jean Bosco’s love for green living and environmental conversation led him to start another venture with two friends – promoting ecotourism and biodiversity conservation. This new joint venture, Kitabi Ecocenter, has been up and running for seven months, and has since attracted over 750 local and international tourists, providing accommodations in a replica of the traditional Rwandan King’s palace and other eco lodges.

Upon founding Habona and his other initiatives, Jean Bocso was recognized as the 2014 Top Young Entrepreneur of Rwanda, and received a prestigious 2015 Top Young Achievers award from the First Lady of Rwanda.


He was also selected for the Mandela Washington Fellowship; a flagship program of the U.S. president for Young African Leaders.

At the 2016 Global Entrepreneur Summit, Jean Bosco spoke on a panel alongside former US President Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg. The following year, he was named as one of Forbes 30 under 30 Africa’s Promising Social Entrepreneurs. He has clearly gained no shortage of international recognition.

Several years later, Jean Bosco still resides in Kitabi, as he continues working closely to his local initiatives. His major focus is on expanding Habona to further encourage sustainability and employment creation, uplifting the lives of people in marginalized communities:

“My greatest inspiration is that every little thing I do makes an impact in somebody else’s life.”



The Journey Begins

If I had to add a description on my first post, I would add an edited version of an old saying: ‘New site- new me’. The change for the better always comes from the word ‘new’. New car. New love. New inspiration. New way of thinking. And how can we reach the positive alterations in our well-being? By simly looking forward to accepting challenges and feel the adrenaline from achieving your goals.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton